Yahoo Email on Android over WIFI

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For the longest time, I thought that I couldn’t access my yahoo email from my Smartphone. I have Motorola Cliq and I have managed to use it to its full capacity, well almost full capacity, without the data plan and over WIFI only. The official word is, if I didn’t have a data plan, I couldn’t use yahoo email over WIFI on Android OS using built-in accounts.

Yahoo apparently has some kind of arrangement with T-Mobile where it would work on a data plan but not on WIFI. For it to work on WIFI (and for POP access via any email client) you must upgrade to “Yahoo Mail Plus” which is $20.00 per year. Not too bad… but did I really need to pay?

I get Google email and Corporate email pushed to my Android phone. I thought I could survive without yahoo emails and notifications on my phone. Besides, I could always launch the dolphin browser and check my yahoo email if I really needed to.

It turns out there are options, other than using Android built-in Email. Yahoo released Yahoo Mail for Android application recently. I tried it the other day and I was pleased.

Not only do I get to check my email without data plan over WIFI, I also get notifications for new emails. The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that I can’t change the notification sound. The sound is loud and annoying. The default sound I have set for other notifications apparently does not apply to yahoo email notification. Hopefully a new version, some day, will allow changing the notification sound.

For more information about the application, check out this link.

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